Bespoke Container Living

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Bespoke Container Living

Efficient use of space marries innovative construction to make a series of affordable homes at WHK Design.  Our sustainable buildings feature specific design amenities to include open living areas and public and private spaces, all with-in flexible modular designs.

We believe in crafting and designing structures much like our forefathers did, paying great attention to detail and craftsmanship. Our vision is to create beautiful micro structures that are one-of-a-kind, blending shipping containers  with modern day construction methods; we have created an amazing product that is timeless and unique. Our structures are delivered to your site, then fabricated by us to your specific design and finishes. The vast majority of our work is preformed off site, making a very low impact and yet highly efficient for the buyer and customer.  WHK Design is proud to announce our partnership with Brian Morris, founder of Yellowstone Timber Fusion, making this design/build dream possible.

While working in the home building industry, we have become intrigued by the western motif that is commonly termed “parkitecture”.  WHK Design and Yellowstone Timber Fusion fell in love with the rustic vernacular and with these experiences, we set out to create a new take on a old concept, hence the log sided shipping containers. Our vision is to create high quality living environments, out of steel shipping containers, wrapped with log and timber adornments, making these structures far superior to the traditional stick frame homes.  The mobility of these homes are appealing to many clients requests for low impact, yet attractive housing.  These temporal buildings can easily be picked up and moved to another location if so desired.

The finished result is a fusion between modern and rustic motifs, which can be configured in an endless amount of variation, which can benefit the owner as well as the environment.  These structures are built of the highest quality craftsmanship and innovative design, just as our forefathers did, except now we have far more technology to enhance our living environments in pursuit of the highest quality structure possible at an affordable cost.

Explore our three featured models on our Home page:

–   WASHBURN   –   DUNRAVEN   –   LAMAR   –

Our easy 4 step process to your door:

1 – Pick your model:  Washburn  /  Dunraven  /  Lamar

2 – Pick your materials

3 – Place your deposit

4 – Your structure is built and delivered

Select your choice of exterior finishes:

Select your choice of interior finishes:

Select your choice of fixtures:

These items will be recommended by our team to suit the rustic or modern style of your chosen model.